Achieving Personal Goals 10 Minutes at a Time

We salute our recent goal achievers

Goal: Read a Book

I enjoyed this challenge so much and it works! I made it part of my daily schedule and even set up a reminder on my calendar!


I believe I will be able to read regularly from now on.
- Telma -

Project: organize/archive family photos into albums

I give it a 10-minute whack at least a couple times a week. Knowing that I don't have to devote huge blocks of time to this tedious project makes it easier and more enjoyable to work on. It's also great to see the tiny little progress steps


I'm able to achieve. Definitely my prescription for procrastination.

Goal: Find a new job

I started a new job recently that is exactly what I was looking for.Taking those 10 minute baby steps towards my goal really made a difference. The first step was just committing to 10 minutes to look over my (outdated) resume and making


a few notes. I built on it from there ...10 minutes to send out an email to friends, etc."
- Linda -

Goal: Cleaned son's closet.

I knew I had to clean my son's closet because I was having a new Elfa organizing system installed in a few weeks. I took 10 minutes on a Saturday to see what I had to do. Realizing that I had to take everything out of the closet was


a bit overwhelming but taking 10 minutes every other day for 2 weeks and I was ready for the installers!
- Kim -

Goal: Get my holiday card finished on time" or "...before New Year's"

Last year tackling the Christmas card didn't leave me feeling overwhelmed. One day I found a photo and that was it for that day! A few days later I did some online searching; the following day


I found my old address list. So instead of getting it all done late into the night sometime in December as in previous years, I started with a really small task and the rest just followed". Laura, feel free to improve on the wording!
- Jackie -

Goal: Find time for quiet every day

"I call it 'Mom's morning minutes' -- I never think I have time to just sit and think. But then I worked it into the daily routine and now it's effortless -- after the kids leave for school, I take my cup of coffee and sit outside for 10 minutes. Some


days I take the newspaper, some days I just listen to the birds. Then my day can begin..."
- Molly

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