Getting Started

The goal of Give Me 10 is to give you strategies to find time for the things that
matter to you personally. Our lives are so busy that personal goals usually take a
backseat to the have to’s of the day. Sometimes we can’t even remember our hopes
and dreams, and even if we can, where the heck will we find the time for them? Here
are a few ideas for getting started…

1. Pick a goal:

When picking a 10-minute goal, keep in mind this video:

• Something you miss from before life got so busy (pre-kids, pre-work, etc.)
• A daydream that usually includes the phrases, “One day I’d like to…” or “When things calm down I’ll…”
• A goal can be big or small -- a goal to take a family trip to Europe can be right alongside a goal to be able to find the scissors in the first drawer you look
• Don’t overthink the 10-minute aspect – you can’t climb Mt. Everest in 10 minutes, but you can spend 10 minutes a day creating a plan and researching the possibilities
• Consider mind-body-spirit – what areas are lacking in your daily routine? Pick one, or one of each.
• The lingering item on the to-do list – it’s been sitting there for months; maybe it’s time to take it on for 10 minutes a day.
• Check out the Goal Tracker for specific ideas – register and then go to the My Goals section.

2. Spend 10 minutes on your goal each day – it’s as simple as that.

• You don’t need a grand, detailed plan.
• You may not know where to start, or how you’ll finish.
• Just promise yourself 10 minutes, and at the end of that time, you will surely
be further along – and you may even have time and energy for longer. If a
countdown timer helps you focus, try this one – just set it and go! Timer
If the goal is to “Organize my desk”, you may just toss 10 pieces of paper, or
tidy the pencil drawer; if the goal is “Save for retirement”, you may just find
the folder with your bank statements, or find an online calculator that shows
how much your savings will be worth in 20 years. Progress!
If you’re ready to log your own goal and start working on it, go to “My Goals”

3. Find 10-minute opportunities throughout the day for your goals:

• Ask yourself throughout the day: is this the best time to do this? If you get to
school pickup early, instead of checking email or voicemail, read 10 pages of
your book.
• Look at your schedule inside out: your schedule probably has big blocks
of time commitments. You’re unlikely to change those, so look at the little
spaces between them. Where can you steal 10 minutes for yourself? If you
have 10 minutes before you need to leave for a meeting, could you use it to
do an online search of local art classes – the first step toward your goal of
learning to paint?
• Look at tomorrow’s schedule the night before: where can you squeeze in
10 minutes for your goals tomorrow? If you see on your schedule that your
morning meeting is right by a nursery, could you stop in to get some ideas for
the garden you’d like to plant?
• If you’re ready to log your own goal and start working on it, go to “My Goals”

Are you ready to pick a goal or two and get started?