Why it works – Can 10 minutes really change my life?

This is a time management and goal setting system that works – it fits into the craziness of our over-committed days. Give Me 10 recognizes that there’s precious little time in a day to carve out for ourselves. So we have to sneak it in…10 minutes at a time.

What’s so great about 10 minutes?
• Tasks can feel overwhelming, unpleasant or self-indulgent – so we put them off; taking just 10 minutes gets the ball rolling
• We have little more than 10 unscheduled minutes at a time in our days – we’ve got to make the most of what we’ve got
• A 10-minute limit in an escape hatch or a motivator --“Phew, I can stop in 10 minutes” or “I’ve only got 10 minutes. I’m going to make the most of them.”

With Give Me 10, right here on this site, you can…
• Record your goals
• Lay out plans of action to reach them
• See what others have done to achieve goals similar to yours
• Chart your progress
• Give tips and get support
• Share your success with others

What people are saying about Give Me 10…

"Breaking monumental tasks down into 10 minute chunks is powerful and very
productive." Linda

"Give Me 10 really helped me focus on what was holding me back from getting things done.

I had all sorts of great intentions, but could never figure out how to find time to reach my goals with my crazy schedule. Give Me10 showed me how to not get
overwhelmed by the end result and instead focus incrementally and do something
daily to 'advance the ball'." Kathleen

"Laura's calm and understanding approach made me feel that surely I was not alone
-- her sense of humor quickly lifted my spirits. I honestly could not wait to apply her ideas...take a little bit at a time for just 10 minutes a day. In 5 days, my 4-month pile of paperwork was completely organized, handled, and filed." Molly

"I loved attending Laura's Give Me 10 Workshop! She has smart, straight-forward ideas that really work. Her philosophy of giving each project just 10 minutes of time is a refreshing approach for those of us who sometimes procrastinate! Laura has great energy and inspires people to try something new. I took her advice and signed up for a Zumba class. I had a great time and I was glad I stepped out of my comfort zone!" Kim

Give Me 10 Has been featured in O magazine, The Huffington Post, Family Circle, and
other podcasts and websites.

Are you ready to pick a goal or two and get started?